Below please find abstracts from all speakers in sequential order.

Will Sarni - ONLINE

Founder and CEO

Water Foundry

Area of expertise: Corporate water strategy, Water technology innovation, Digital water technologies, Energy - water - food nexus stress and innovation, Value of water. 


Water Stewardship and Business Value: Creating Resiliency and Abundance

Gerrit Westhoff - ONLINE
Business Group Technology Director, Supply Chain Performance Excellence 


Area of expertise: Process technology; process optimisation, energy & water saving projects.


Sustainability & Water; a perspective from an international Dairy Cooperative


Niels Osterland

Managing Director

MMS Nordic

Area of expertise: Membrane filtration, Liquid food processing

Reuse of treated dairy waste water

Thomas Lauritsen & Anders Harpøth
Senior Project Manager & Project Manager

Arla Foods Ingredients P/S, Denmark Protein

Area of expertise: dairy, process, management & water mapping, water balancing, water reduction, energy overview, energy reduction

From strategy to actual cases on how to Reuse and Recycle water at AFI, Danmark Protein

Carlo C.Galli - ONLINE

Technical Director Water Resources


Area of expertise: ESG/Sustainability - Water Stewardship

Water stewardship in the food industry: efficiency and more


Kris Lambert
Managing Director
Veolia Water Technologies, Belgium
Area of expertise: Membrane filtration

15 years of water and wastewater reuse and recycle - lessons learned and future ambitions

Anders Kokholm & Søren Nøhr Bak
Group Production Director & Expertise Director Water in Food & Beverage
Carlsberg & NIRAS
Areas of expertise: 

Karen Sørensen & Thomas Fløe Chemnitz

Senior Specialist & Specialilst, Environment

Danish Technological Institute & Danish Crown

Area of expertise: Environmental issues, food safety, water technology.


From Tap to treated process water in the meat industry

Hans-Jørgen Albrechtsen
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Area of expertise: Drinking water quality, water fit for purpose – to select a proper water quality for a given purpose, treatment, storage, monitoring, documentation.

Water fit for purpose

Christina Reenberg Skov
Academic staff
Danish Veterinary & Food Administration
Area of expertise: Primary production, use of water in food establishments and general food hygiene

Food safety & water quality: rules and future opportunities

Claus Heggum

Chief Consultant

Danish Agriculture & Food Council F.m.b.a.

Area of expertise: Food safety, food legislation and risk analysis


Improving water efficiency – a new sector guide on water reuse in the dairy processing

Lisbeth Truelstrup Hansen

Professor, Head of Research Group

National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Area of expertise: Food Science, microbiology, food safety, water safety, risk assessment


Risk assessment of treated process water used for cleaning purposes in the food industry: A case study


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